I'm a 3D Technical Artist, passionate about computing, graphic design and programming.
I completed a BSc degree 3D Technical Artist at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, France, after a two years university degree in multimedia and IT.

I’ve been through a lots of contracts around the world, learning and improving companies.
Right now, I am working in 3D graphics, real time 3D programming, and animation, with specialty on character modeling.

I also followed artistic programs, and I have been practicing this field since my earliest childhood.
Please give a look at my constantly improving 3D gallery


bust sculpt

3D alien, sculpt and rendering, personal project check it here, scroll down, and launch the webviewer.


Unreal Engine 4 demo, download it here, made with Joris Hormancey. simple environment using assets and my own modelling/programming. Work in progress. Anyway, don't wait and give it a try already (Windows only, more if you email me)




I'm part of the 3D industry as I'm talented in modeling, texturing, animation, rendering,
using zBrush, Maya, 3DMax, Cinema4D and MUCH more.
I am a real-time 3D programmer for Unity/OpenGL C# C++/ UDK engine, Crytek Engine and WEBGL.

I am talented in web-site programming, including databases,
design, graphics and artworks.
IT Languages : -HTML - CSS - PHP - SQL - ActionScript - C# - Javascript - Python.
I can also help you in any of your communication projects
(branding, websites, videos, etc.).
I can handle videos and post-production (After Effects, Premiere),


Do you have special requirements for work? Hire me ! :

Tel : + 33 7 83 39 42 91

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