I'm a 3D Technical Artist, passionate about computing, graphic design and programming.
I completed a BS degree Technical Artist at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, France, after a two years university degree in multimedia and IT.

I’ve been through a lots of contracts around the world, learning and improving companies.
Right now, I am working in 3D graphics, real time 3D programming, and animation, with specialty on character modeling.

I also followed artistic programs, and I have been practicing this field since my earliest childhood.
Please give a look at my constantly improving 3D gallery


Maskott Education An innovative game about teaching maths to very young audience.

Optometric Laboratory of Montréal I had to make some interactive crowd simulation in a 3D stereoscopic C.A.V.E environment. I used massive prime, unity, and middleVR. Medical research purpose.

ASCO & EMERSON 3D industrial product presentation I worked on, with Jean-Baptiste Noel who made the After Effects part. For me it was basically some texturing/lighting/rendering 3D work




I'm part of the 3D industry as I'm talented in modeling, texturing, animation, rendering,
using zBrush, Maya, 3DMax, Cinema4D and MUCH more.
I am a real-time 3D programmer for Unity/OpenGL C# C++/ UDK engine, Crytek Engine and WEBGL.

I am talented in web-site programming, including databases,
design, graphics and artworks.
IT Languages : -HTML - CSS - PHP - SQL - ActionScript - C# - Javascript - Python.
I can also help you in any of your communication projects
(branding, websites, videos, etc.).
I can handle videos and post-production (After Effects, Premiere),


Do you have special requirements for work? Hire me ! :

Tel UK : 07 43 26 47 266

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